Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Are you working harder on yourself than you are on your job?

Are you working harder on yourself than you are on your job? In this world of multi tasking and in the midst of this global financial revolution in which we find ourselves today it is very easy to create a misalignment within our strategy for success. It is so tempting especially as an entrepreneur to spend more time working on our business than it is on personal development, health, spirituality and Building quality relationships with our family and friends. One of the things that I believe it is valuable to remember is that ’all success stems from the person we become and are planning to become’ as a pose to our conditioned response that says ’time is money’ or ’cause leads to effect’. A spiritual teacher and friend of mine once pointed out that the new paradigm of thought that is emerging is one in which we re-evaluate the ways in which we look at our ’reality creation’ from that of a linear logical ’Newtonian physics’ approach, to that of a ’quantum’ more einsteinium approach. Where we realize that the universe does not function like a bunch of ’cogs and wheels’ For example: Past leading to present leading to future. But rather that time is non- linear and is actually ’Spherical’ meaning that all events happen simultaneously! This understanding is now conclusive scientifically and has been for decades. A lot of people nowadays mainly because of movie’s like ’The secret’ and ’What the bleep do we know’ and also because of the internet are beginning to realize these concepts and are also beginning to apply them in their lives. Nonetheless it is so easy to get caught up in the ’illusion’ of ’Time is money’ and ’Cause leads to effect’ because most people on this planet are still basing their reality creation upon these outmoded philosophies/theories. My suggestion to people based upon my experience in the field of metaphysics and personal development is not to abandon our mastery and experience of cause and effect in favor of what quantum physics is telling us but rather to use both avenues as a means of creating the life of our dreams. In other words yes meditate, visualize, say your affirmations, write down your goals, do whatever it is you do to manifest, but don’t spend your whole life there! Working is still something that is quite valuable for more reasons than just paying your bills. But to go at it from the perspective of having less subconscious blockages and a more healthy attitude, can I believe help you to create more results in less time with less struggle than it otherwise would or could. Anyway guys just some food for thought. I hope you are having a blessed day. And remember:" Learn to work harder on your self than you do on your job"

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