Monday, June 10, 2013

New to raw food/living cuisine?

New to raw food/living cuisine? like trying anything new, often times when we are excited about something that we want to implement into our lives we are also at our highest level of anxiety about it. This is called fear of the unknown! Kind of like when we first began to learn how to drive a car, the task at hand seemed to be of such magnitude part of us naturally had resistance. Now i'm kind of exaggerating to make a point, but to most people it is the same when they think about making changes in their diet especially one that involves going onto predominantly raw /living plant food. What I would suggest to people is that trying to conceptualize this whole approach to lifestyle and the way one feeds oneself [not just literally but on many levels] in one big bite [no pun intended] is enough to put anyone off and in quitting mode before they have even started! Really I believe it's best to be gentle with ourselves and rather than being overly disciplinary and admonishing with ourselves, which does have it's place.We should focus more on self acceptance and self love during our transformational health process. And realize just that, IT IS A PROCESS that definitely will take time. For some people the "all or nothing" types in our world, it seems easy to go from eating macdonalds hamburgers to 100% perfect raw foodists overnight. But I know my own process of transitioning onto mostly around 98%- 100% was not so clear cut, that journey [over the past 15 years] has been affected by many factors, where I was living, if I had somewhere to live, who I was living with, who I was hanging around with etc etc. I guess the point i'm trying to make is this: Every great journey begins with a single step and often times if we think about the whole thing in it's entirety a lot of the time we will let our ego talk us out of it! I usually advise people who are thinking about going raw to do 60 - 80 percent raw for about 3-4 months, I know for me at this point my body began to differentiate between live and not so live foods.There were a few incidents where this was PAINFULLY obvious. Then for me the cooked food and the activity of indulging in it began to yield diminishing returns. WE ARE NOT PERFECT. As soon as we accept this fact of life it becomes so much easier to be a raw foodist and in the process of letting go of that little ego game we let go of the charge we have around perfection, which is attainable when it comes to inanimate objects, but fortunately for us as spiritual beings [who's prime motivation for being is to grow] not attainable as humans! Guy's believe me the time it takes you to transition is worth it,but like anything that you want to create YOU have to do it and there is nobody out there that's gonna do it for ya! The great thing about it is that there is more information than ever at the click of a few buttons and countless resources from which you can access the information [like this blog] that you will need in order to master this stuff and make it work in your own very unique and particular lives.Enjoy the journey and remember,a spiritual teacher once said: "The steps to getting there are the same as the qualities of being there" peaceout!

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