Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to create our uber powerful herbal psychoactive tincture.

Directions on how to make our psychoactive herbal tincture.

1. Take about 250 grams of goji berry and soak them for 8-12 hours in half a litre of coconut water. The next day blend them all up with the soak water then strain out the juice with a sieve or nut milk bag. You can either eat the goji fibre or dehydrate it and make goji powder.

2. Make a couple batches of coconut kefir by fermenting coconut water for 24-48 hours in two separate jars with water kefir grains (easily obtainable on ebay). Once they are ready, take the 1st batch, separate it from the culture, then add the goji juice along with 2 teaspoons of Korean panax ginseng into a kilner or mason jar for 48 hours. With the second batch of strained kefir you add some chaga tea grounds that are left over from tea that you have previously boiled and thus extracted the water soluble triterpenes from. About 2-3 teaspoons is sufficient. Leave this for 48 hours also. The slight alcohol content of the kefir and the secondary fermentation will extract some of the other triterpenes that according to research coming out of Russia primarily, are potent medicinal compounds that are reported to be very effective at reversing various kinds of cancer, this you also let sit for 48 hours.

3. Once enough time has passed (48 hours) strain the chaga grounds from the kefir. (You may see a few white spots appearing at the top of the liquid, don't be alarmed this is normal for coconut kefir). combine the goji ginseng mixture with the chaga kefir infusion and voila!

4.Add 1 or 2 capsule of mega hydrate which is an amazing advance in the technology of supplementation you can read about online just googling. This next stop is optional but to guarantee the tinctures preservation especially if you are going to drink it over a long period of time like say a month or more, we highly recommend it.

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