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Five Additions to your Raw Diet that could make all the Difference

Written by Kenny Sunshine and Holly Paige 
 Have you reached a point of diminishing returns with your raw diet? If so (and even if not) you might want to consider some of the incredible technological breakthroughs that have occurred and continue to occur in the field of raw food nutrition and herbal supplementation. We are very excited and enthused about some of the discoveries that have been made in this field and the implications they have in regard to increasing our health, well being and our ultimate longevity. Below are a few suggestions we want to make to you so as to hopefully enhance your life and the lives of those you love.

Royal Jelly
All bee products in general have an incredibly vast array of health benefits but royal jelly has been hailed by some authorities as the crown jewel of them all; because so little is produced, the nutrients are concentrated into a very small amount The queen bee's reign of a hive (most of her lifespan) is around four years, generally 20 – 25 times longer than the lifespan that of the infertile worker bees. Why is this? Well one reason that seems pretty obvious is that once she is selected as a baby, she is fed on royal jelly exclusively. The queen is genetically the same as the workers or drones, what happens is that the chemical cocktail present in the royal jelly effectively reinterprets the way the DNA is read to produce a very different bee. Because of the royal jelly the baby queen's body changes significantly in form and becomes 40% larger, longer and noticeably more elegant. Royal Jelly contains a chemical called 10-HDA which is only found in Royal Jelly and cannot be made artificially. It is believed that 10-HDA is responsible for the many health benefits that Royal Jelly promotes. Fresh royal jelly is extremely antibacterial. "The food and drug administration (a US based governing body that regulates the food and pharmaceutical industries) has stated that fresh royal jelly is a more powerful germ killer than most forms of commercial disinfectant for example Formalin which is used for body preservation and also carbolic acid. It is very high in Pantothenic acid or B5 which is proven to increase the life span of animals that are fed it as opposed to those that are not by 18 per cent! If you compared this to the average human lifespan it would be about 13 years longer. Royal jelly also contains a form of gelatin that is a precursor to collagen production. As we get older our ability to produce collagen diminishes hence wrinkles, crows feet and blotchy skin start to turn up on our faces. Royal jelly, because of this can help to maintain the elasticity of our skin and keep us looking young. Other proven and reported benefits from using royal jelly are increased and improved neural transmission, better short term memory, reduction in cholesterol deposits, reduction in risk of heart disease and improved endocrine/glandular function. Our DNA is read, not only when we are developing as babies but all through our lives as our bodies and brains are being regenerated. Because of its ability to enhance bees DNA expression the same may be true for humans.

In 1984 at the university of Berkeley, California Carol Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn discovered an enzyme called telomerase. This enzyme plays a vital role in the function of our DNA/RNA make up. At the end of our DNA, separate from the helix, there are single strand repeats of DNA that in the past seemed to have no obvious function and were originally coined by scientists as 'junk DNA' Telomeres are part of this 'junk DNA'. Every time cell division occurs (approximately 1 million cells per second) these single cell repeats become shorter. By the time we get to our later years the telomeres become very short and pave the way for all kinds of physical problems and degenerative diseases to commence. The enzyme telomerase is able to add length to the telomeres. A common denominator of people who live longer than average is that they have longer telomeres. Telomerase contains the instructions on how to add back cell division repeats on the end of the DNA. According to the research if you can keep adding these repeats then the cells can keep dividing indefinitely. So what does this have to do with the supplement TA65? Researchers at the cutting edge of nutritional science some time ago discovered a saponin that exists in a certain strain of the Chinese herb astragalus that has the capacity to turn production of telomerase on. TA-65 is the first well studied and proven substance to add length to these telomeres. It is made by a company called T.A. Sciences (Telomerase Activation Sciences) who have been granted exclusive rights to market it from the originating company Geron Corporation. A massive amount of astragalus is used in order to extract this compound and each capsule contains around 90%. Because of this a years supply could currently cost around £1700 to £5000. Now this may seem bit steep. But the question I would ask myself is “How much is an extra 10 – 30 years of lifespan worth to me? Older people generally have the fastest reaction to this substance as they are the ones with the shortest telomere length. Even better news – there may well be, before too long, much more modestly priced versions available – watch this space for news!

The emergence of zeolite as a supplement has been a great affirmation that every crisis produces its own miracles. It has come as a wonderful gift to us in these times of seemingly all-pervading pollution. Used in the clean-up after Chernobyl, zeolite began to be sold as a supplement for detoxifying the human body in the 1990's. Simply put, zeolite looks like a honeycomb and carries a charge that allows it to capture toxins. At the same time it is inert and therefore does not react chemically with food or body fluids. Zeolites have many health benefits and uses. They bond with and remove a variety of toxins including heavy metals (e.g. lead, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic and mercury), nitrosamines and radioactive metals such as strontium-90 and caesium. They act as a powerful antioxidant and help buffer body pH to healthy alkalinity. They help remove pesticides, herbicides and dioxins, reduce viral load, help buffer blood sugar levels, improve nutrient absorption, promote healthy gut flora, reduce allergic reactions, enhance immune system and generally help prevent premature ageing. Like many people, I had been feeling amazing benefits with powdered zeolites for years and was looking for a liquid zeolite which had preserved the structure that is so crucial to its action and also was affordable on an everyday lifestyle. To produce 'Pure Body' liquid zeolite the company that make it, Touchstone, have managed to reduce the particles to a small enough size to enter the bloodstream (0.3 microns) without crushing the zeolite cages. The majority of the particles are between 0.1 and 0.5 microns. The particles over 0.3 microns in size proceed to the large intestine where they trap toxins in the colon. Many people on trying this product report clearer thinking and lots more inspiration and ideas,also a resulting detoxification of their lives in general. I can personally testify to the astonishing effects this zeolite has had on my life increasing my work stamina, reducing my need for food and bringing to a head for clearing situations in my inner and outer world that had lingered in my life for years. This nutritional journey is a a spiritual as well as a physical one! There is now available a colloidal version which is faster acting and extra strength and in a league of its own. The particle size has been reduced to under 10 nanometers and suspended inside water molecules to quickly travel throughout the body reaching places other zeolites cannot reach... you can find out more here 

Co Q10 
 Fourthly we come to co-enzyme Q 10, or the form which is more easily utilised by the body, especially as we get older, ubiquinol. Co Q 10 is used by every cell in the body to produce energy and helps convert food to energy. It is anti-oxidant and anti-aging. After the age of 30 production of coQ10 in the body begins to decline and the only substantial dietary sources are really found amongst meats especially organ meats. This may be one of the reasons former vegetarians are drawn to meat as they become older. If we chose not to eat flesh foods then it would be wise to consider supplementation of certain nutrients. In their pristine biological state it is likely that humans were and would be more able to assimilate and/or synthesis nutrients in a way that is difficult for most of us today. Supplementation can certainly be part of our journey back. Fast and phenomenal benefits can happen with ubiquinol, quickly regaining youthful speed and stamina that is such a boon in life. The ubiquinol form has been available since about 2006 and some health food shops stock it; if is not available in your local area you can find it online.

progesterone cream 
 Last but not least and especially for the many women who unnecessarily suffer at the hands of their own hormones, progesterone cream! It's a simple fact that humans today generally have unbalanced sex hormones - we have unbalanced levels of oestrogen and testosterone and this causes us more problems than are generally understood. This has been the case to some degree for thousands of years and is due to the reduction of flavonoids (fruit compounds) in our diets and the reduction of melatonin output by the pineal gland. Flavonoids and melatonin help keep the levels of oestrogen and testosterone in balance with other biochemicals in the body. In women now there is too much oestrogen compared to progesterone. This is an increasing problem even for young women and as women go through the years, this imbalance, or 'oestrogen dominance', gets more extreme eventually producing 'peri-menopausal' and 'menopausal' symptoms. To further compound the situation, in modern times we have the arrival of oestrogen mimicers, xenoestrogens, in chemicals in our environment, including plastics. The unpleasant symptoms of oestrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency can include depression, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome and excessive bleeding, inability to maintain pregnancies, interference with thyroid function and increased risk of reproductive cancers. Fortunately there are some simple things we can do to alleviate these symptoms and a natural progesterone cream is one of them. Wellsprings Serenity cream is probably the best one currently available and is very affordable. By rubbing a tiny amount into the body for half or more the days of the cycle, progesterone levels are gradually restored. The benefits may be noticed very quickly and also increase over a period of time. We sincerely hope you benefit from this information and add just one note, the best results come with consistent use over a long enough duration in time. Persistence with all aspects of nutrition and lifestyle habits can work miracles! You can find more information and links at our websites: 
 Written by Holly paige and kenny sunshine Originally published in funky raw magazine

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