Friday, April 12, 2013

Life is a precious gift.

Here on planet Earth in the 21st century there seems to be an epidemic of various physical diseases. But what about the underlying emotional malady that is also running rampantly in our society? Here in England when you ask people how it’s going the response more often than not goes something like this “not too shabby” of “I’m coping” or “I’ve been better” etcetera. Self-pity, victim-hood or the ‘poor me’ syndrome is probably the most prevalent emotional state you will find as you interact with people on a day to day basis. Well instead of going into a long discourse on the reasons for this and focusing on the problem more than is necessary we want to outline some of the things that can be done on a regular basis so that you can feel good most of the time as opposed to that ‘ down in the dumps’ feeling that for so many people has become a habit and subsequently a way of life. When you are consistently hanging out on the lower end of this emotional scale i.e. self- pity, overwhelm, blame, frustration, depression, hopelessness, helplessness let’s face it, your life doesn’t work as well as it could. On the other hand when you get into a more positive state of mind and feeling on a consistent basis everything changes and life becomes easier and so much more fun. There are many techniques we can use to bring ourselves into alignment but here we want to suggest several that pretty much anyone here is the western world can access and apply immediately.

Raw Food/Detoxification
Obviously it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to be in a high vibration emotionally if your body is in pain so we think this avenue is a priority. Switching over to a predominantly raw plant based diet of vegetables, fruits, seeds/nuts, superfoods, herbs, seaweeds, wild foods and maybe raw/fermented dairy products can be one of if not the best decisions a person ever makes! Aside from stating the obvious reasons for these lifestyle changes i.e. avoiding disease, a compromised food chain, toxic environment etc. there are of course the incredible benefits that have been reported by innumerable raw food veterans such as increased energy levels, a feeling of being lighter and stronger, greater bone density, greater levels of happiness and joy, pains and ailments completely disappearing, greater endurance, weight loss, clearer glowing eyes and skin, drastically improved digestion, clearer more cognitive thinking, greater ability to create abundance and prosperity, increased libido, increased ability to attract the opposite sex, terminal illness disappearing, more harmonious relationships, more real friends, greater spiritual connectedness, a feeling of being more psychic, less need for sleep, greater sensuality (touch, taste smell etc.), greater productivity, greater self-confidence and esteem, happier children and appearing to be younger. Added to all this is an indefinable feeling of well-being, happiness and optimism often referred to as the ‘raw high’ and particularly noticeable when keeping to an all raw diet. This phenomenon is an intriguing one and there is an actual chemical shift in the brain when we take in nutrients undamaged by heat. For example, in response to increased amounts of the undamaged amino acid tryptophan, levels of the pleasure neurotransmitter serotonin go up resulting in increased feelings of happiness and well-being. Raw food does indeed support a natural high and one that is really our natural state. To get the full benefits from a raw food diet it's worth bearing in mind three foundational principles that actually can be applied without going fully raw: hydration, alkalinity and fatty acids. To feel our best we need to make sure we are taking in plenty of liquids – there can be in the form of juices, smoothies and teas as well as water. We need to alkalise our bodies by taking in plenty of greens. And we need to make sure we are ingesting adequate essential fatty acids - these are nutrients which are crucial to brain function and that we cannot manufacture in our own bodies. Omega 3 is the one most likely to be lacking and is found abundantly in hemp, flax and chia seeds, fish liver oil and vegan DHA supplements.

Walking outside, preferably in nature
 Walking is one of the most underestimated activities there is with regards to our health and well-being and unfortunately due to reliance on the auto-mobile one of the most underused. Medical science now knows that walking on a regular basis cures depression in more than ninety per cent of cases! Preferably go out into nature or, within a city, find a park and go barefoot. We are more electric than we are chemical and if we were living more as nature intended we would spend far more time walking on the earth, lying in grass, swimming in natural bodies of water and so on. Indeed we would be conceived, born and sleep in contact with the bio-electromagnetic aura of the earth. Planet Earth is like a giant nuclear reactor that emits negatively charged electricity or electrons. These electrons are there in nature as a way for us to be 'grounded' and connected – you could even describe it as 'charged'. Within the charge of the Earth our vibration is modulated so it is in harmony with the circadian rhythms or our environment. Shoes and also our homes for the most part act as insulation from this natural defence mechanism. To find out more about this fascinating subject listen to Clint Ober in a revelatory interview about Earthing here There is now a lot of information on this subject on the web including the healing of chronic apparently incurable conditions. On the more esoteric side of this subject we receive information and guidance in the day to day living our lives through contact with the Earth, it is almost our original internet connection. Our desires become more health and life-affirming when we are immersed in the Earth's field rather than that of the artificial electric grid. Many years ago Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, in his book Body's Many Cries for Water, made known the crucial importance of drinking adequate water in the maintenance of basic health and prevention of disease. Now we are learning that 'earthing' is a similarly crucial requirement for health. The recommendation is at least 20 minutes twice a day for basic health needs. Of course we all know that spending extended times of time in nature can take us to new heights of well-being. Walking in nature also has a psychological effect due to the effects of moving and looking into the distance and widens our mental horizons and sense that we can move forward in life. When we are walking we are focused on what is in front of us whilst staying subliminally aware of what we are actually doing – in this way it resets us with good mental habits and clears our minds for inspiration.

Smiling and Laughing
 Have you ever noticed how it is impossible to be depressed or feel constricted when you are laughing or smiling? In fact there is a reason for the existence of the saying 'laughter is the best medicine'. If you're feeling out of sorts remember to smile it will instantly make you feel better. You could also watch a funny film or if you haven't got time for that go onto you-tube and find something to entertain you for 15-20 minutes. Laughing, whether it is spontaneously occurring or even if you force it by at first pretending creates an electromagnetic response in the brain that subsequently stimulates a chemical release of peptides that have a profoundly beneficial effect in our physical bodies. There are numerous cases people being cured of terminal diseases because they employed a regime of regular laughter instead of scalpels, drugs and radiation. Prove it to yourself by trying it out. Remember the more regularly you do this the better you will feel more of the time.

Thought Field Therapy or Emotional Freedom Techniques
TFT or EFT as it is more commonly known or recognized is one of the most powerful tools that we have personally come across during over a decade of research in the field of energy medicine and transformation. It is a blend of Chinese medicine and modern psychology in which you take two fingers and tap on specific parts of the body that are located on what Chinese medicine calls meridians. According to Chinese medicine these pathways often become blocked which leads to problems in the physical organism. Traditionally Chinese medicine uses various techniques to rectify these blockages most notably acupuncture. Roger Callaghan discovered this technique basically by accident during the earlier part of his career as a psychologist. He was working with one of his clients who had severe phobia of water to the point where she couldn't even give her children baths. One day he asked her where exactly on the body was the source of her emotional distress. She replied “in my gut around the solar plexus area”. He had just come back from Asia where he had been studying rudimentary Chinese medicine and he remembered that the point on the bone below the eye corresponds to that part of the body. He got a hunch and told her to tap the point while thinking about her phobia. She did as he instructed and, to cut a long story short, her phobia was gone permanently! He later went on to experiment with other acupuncture points and various sequences of tapping and came up with the modality called thought field therapy. One of his students, Gary Craig later came up with emotional freedom technique or EFT which is just a slight variation but is basically just as effective. This kind of technique can seem kind of strange and is easy to miss or disregard but it is one of the most powerful and effective ways to change your emotional state and can even transform long standing core beliefs. It is very easy to learn and can be applied in a few minutes on most issues. A friend of mine in California who is a trained practitioner works predominantly with African Americans who are underprivileged (and a lot of the time homeless) in the ghetto of the bay area cities Oakland and Berkeley told me a few years ago that since he switched his modality from NLP to EFT he has had a 95% plus success rate with clients regardless of the issue! He was getting about 70% with the neurolinguistic programming which is pretty good but going up more than 20% is a very significant increase and so he has never turned back. I have met lots of people who missed this one simply because they didn't really apply it in their lives long enough or consistently enough for the effects of it to register on their senses. Don't be one of those people! Check out these links and learn how to apply this technology in your life. What happens may amaze you. You can download a free guides to tapping AT Roger Callahan's site, and and a free guide to EFT at Gary Craig's site The tapping routine is very quick, simple and straightforward and moments when we are emotionally uncomfortable become ideal opportunities to permanently clear long-standing issues and access resources within ourselves that we never realised we had. Discord with or the loss of another person from our lives is the hardest pain that most of us experience and there is even a tailored tapping routine that can relieve this kind of trauma that might otherwise take months or even years of grieving.  

Now a lot of people are resistant to this topic mainly because it is often looked upon as something that is to be tolerated and endured. This is mostly a mental block and is often based upon how we think things should be. A great approach is to choose a form of exercise that is (a) fun for you and (b) rather than punishing yourself and telling yourself you have to go through some long drawn out ordeal realise that you can get a lot done in just 10 – 15 minute bursts which can be repeated several times a day . In fact this is the way children naturally exercise and is the best way to stimulate the production of human growth hormone, essential for not just growth of children but also the maintenance of our bodies. For us this approach works very well but others may prefer the structure of a yoga class or a personal trainer. There are myriad of choices, for example walking, martial arts, bike riding, resistance exercise, yoga, weight lifting, running, gymnastics etc. Choose one or a combination that you can consistently apply and your emotional state is going to improve. The yoga swing is a fun, easy way to get those minutes of exercise that make all the difference. Hanging upside down in it also lets blood flow to the head, moves lymph fluid and so detoxifies the body. You can see a video of its use here: In fact one of the great benefits of exercise is to move our lymph fluid. Like our blood, lymph fluid has a job to do of carrying around nutrients and removing toxins but unlike blood it is not pumped around the body and we need to move to make lymph move. Another mechanism by which exercise makes us feel better is that it increases endorphin levels. It also helps in the uptake of tryptophan to make serotonin, that chemical messenger of happiness and well-being mentioned earlier. As time passes you may find that you get hooked on working out and thus will want to spend longer times at it. As we obtain more helpful information and improve our lifestyles, our addictions and resistances have a tendency to be replaced by what could be described as an addiction to feeling better.  

It's well known that we all feel better when the sun is shining, but what to do about it in a country such as Britain when it's not?! There is actually a lot we can do to compensate for the lack of sun. If available in your area a sunshower is a wonderful way of getting a blast of much needed UVB light on the skin of your entire body. It involves entering a cubicle wearing eye protection and being exposed to 3 to 6 minutes of UVB. Between September and March in Britain, varying slightly according to latitude, the angle of the sun is such that we do not actually receive UVB light rays. As well as making you feel like you've had a day at the beach, a sun shower can have an amazing effect on food requirements as food is assimilated differently when we get sunlight. Because of this it can help prevent weight increase in winter and also takes away that pasty look it is so easy to get. Wait a few hours after a sunshower before showering or bathing to let the vitamin D be assimilated. Taking vitamin D in the form the body can use i.e. D3 is important for those of us living in this kind of climate. Vitamin D is a hormone as much as a vitamin and has been dubbed the 'happiness hormone' Incidentally walking outside early in the morning and going to bed reasonably early at night aligns our circadian rhythms and can have miraculous effects on our happiness and productivity levels and is so often overlooked in the distractions of our 24/7 culture.  

Mental Attitude.
As we become lucid enough to see how much creative input we have into our life experiences and start to make more informed choices regarding our thoughts and actions our lives can become so significantly better that it becomes obvious on a moment by moment level that life is indeed a precious gift and not the burden that we have at times experienced it as! The very fact that we have choices makes it a gift rather than a burden. The trick is really not to get caught up in physical circumstances rather take a mental step back and think about how we would like life to be and work from there, weaving this into what we currently have on our plates. There are many unhelpful things we have been told but perhaps the most insidious one is that it is somehow virtuous to suffer and it is through doing so that we will deserve reward. Actually nothing could be further from the truth and if the most significant spiritual truth is that we are all connected then surely the best thing we can all do for ourselves and each other is feel better. In addition to the physical things we can do to make ourselves better there are some mental habits we can adopt that can transform the quality of our lives.

Soon after waking if we can think of a few things or at least one thing we are truly grateful for it starts the ball rolling for the day. When we focus on gratitude it automatically attracts more things into our lives to be grateful for and also connects us in an appreciative way with other people. Choosing to think about what we want rather than what we don't want is a related practice.

A Sense of Purpose.
This may even be the starting point of it all and the main key to happiness. It is a way of channelling our desires in a constructive way that benefits ourselves and others long term. It can begin as a simple desire to feel good. Our goals connect us to our purpose in life. They need to be big enough to excite us and manageable enough so that we know we can achieve them. Then we feel good thinking about them and working toward them thus enabling us to delay some gratification in order to experience greater reward in the future. This practice in itself significantly increases our sense of well-being and keeps levels of dopamine, the enthusiasm neurotransmitter, high.  

A Commitment to Turn all Circumstances to our Advantage.
When things fail to go according to plan or 'go wrong' we decide that we will create something beneficial out of whatever has happened. Not only does this create great benefits for us in our lives but it also gives us an inner confidence that no matter what happens, all will ultimately turn out well. This attitude in itself can bring miracles into our lives. Originally published in funky raw magazine by Kenny Bountiful Sun and Holly Paige    

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